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About Full Circle Massage

About Krys

Massage therapist Krys Pulley has practiced massage in the Auckland area since 2005.


He has earned the following qualifications:

  • Certificate in Relaxation Massage, Wellpark College of Natural Therapy, Auckland

  • Certificate of Thai Traditional Massage, Wat Po Traditional Medical School, Bangkok, Thailand

  • Deep Tissue and Remedial Massage Therapy Techniques, Holistic Health Training, Auckland



We provide a warm, clean, and safe environment that promotes comfort and relaxation. Full Circle Massage is located in Kingsland, close to the city centre and a short walk from the Kingsland train station and Eden Park. Free parking is readily available.

Benefits of massage

Massage involves manipulating the soft tissues of the body and has therapeutic benefits for the muscles as well as general health. People around the world and across cultures visit massage therapists on a regular basis as a form of health care maintenance.

  • encourages relaxation of body and mind 

  • relieves muscle pain, spasm, and stiffness 

  • alleviates tension, anxiety and depression 

  • helps healing of soft tissues  


10am-10pm daily

After-hours, weekends and holidays can be arranged. 


I have been visitng Krys for over 10 years now to help manage and maintain issues with lower back pain, arthritis and decreased mobility.  

Krys's knowledge of musculoskeletal systems and range of massage techniques-- plus lifestyle advice-- has enabled me to stay physically active and maintain a great work/life balance which I was not experiencing before.

As part of my overall health plan, I will continue to have regular treatments with Krys at his lovely new studio in Kingsland. 


I can highly recommend Krys as a therapeutic massage therapist. 

I started seeing Krys regularly after a high-speed cycling accident

His deep tissue technique mobilised my stiff muscles and hugely sped up my recovery. I still get benefit with regular deep tissue massage sessions.


Krys is a lovely human, with a natural healing touch. 

Dr. Chris Boberg

I first saw Krys 16 years ago for a massage.  I remember clearly the sense of Krys reading my body and understanding how to work my stretched muscles.  

For as long as Krys is doing massage, I'll be back again and again to have Krys work away what the world inflicts on me. 

What you need to know is that he is very, very good at body work.

Steve Lovett

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